QTouch 8 POS System Small Business

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All-in-one POS System for small business. Comes with an integrated printer, 8″ touch screen, and embedded point of sale software.

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    Product Description

    Small business owners face more point of sale options than ever before. But how do you select the right small business POS and navigate around inferior apps for low cost tablets? Rely on those that have a proven track record for point of sale excellence to guide you and sort out facts from contrived promises. Tablet apps come with inherent technology headaches such as updates and additional, specially sourced accessories. Conversely, traditional touch screen point of sale terminals fail to address constrained budgets. 

    However, the QTouch 8 ideally lends itself to your growing, small business needs as a user-friendly, small, all-in-one terminal. Maximize your ROI with everything out of one box – touch screen technology, fast printer, customer display, point of sale software, and interfaces to support the latest point of sale devices! 

    At the heart lies fully compatible, fine-tuned hardware that will not compromise reliability or performance. CE and EMV norms promote your uptime, whereas the mandatory drop-tests as well as climate assessment during development prepared the product for real world use. Moreover, the intuitive touch screen speeds up transactions as well as delivers an optimal conciliation between display and housing size. A fast thermal printer with Easy-Load, auto cutter, and its dependable printer mechanism provides years of operation with minimal down time. The built-in point of sale software lets you completely customize the QTouch 8 to service just about any vertical such as retail, food service, coffee shops, or bakeries. 

    The impact and spill resistant plastic housing rounds out the immense value of the product.

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