our service

Customer’s satisfaction is our main concern.

We attach much importance to the quality of our end product to our customers

At EBAS the customer’s satisfaction is our main concern. We attach much importance to the quality of our end product to our customers. We have put in place all the necessary machinery to ensure that products bought by our customers are successfully installed, maintained, serviced and repaired to the maximum advantage of our customers. We maintain a very high degree of corporate integrity by ensuring that we do not make claims on the quality and suitability of our products which cannot be backed up in practice.

The hallmark of our services is response to distress calls within a maximum of 24 hours. In case of big time customers who have up to 15 and above  of our products, a permanent Engineer is attached to them. This is to ensure that all the equipments bought from us are working perfectly at all times and the customers have value for their money.

We have well-qualified, German-trained and experienced Engineering crew to handle equipment sold to our customers when the need arises.

We supply and service our products all over the country as we are presently in over 250 towns, and cities nationwide.

In more than three decades now, we have been actively involved in meeting the office automation needs of our customers nationwide.

At EBAS, the Sales Executive in charge of particular territory is responsible for managing the business relationship with the customer. He/She co-ordinates all activities required for the complete service delivery to the customer. He/She draws expertise from personnel in the different specialist areas of our organization such as Engineering, Finance etc. as necessary to meet the needs of the customer and  maintain a mutually fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

Our success has been largely due to our commitment at all times to meet our customers’ expectations by identifying their needs. This has earned us a great reputation among our customers who have seen us not just as a service provider but as a PARTNER to their business.